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November 10, 2018
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How to Treat Depression in Young Adults


How to Treat Depression in Young Adults

Young adults often experience change when it comes to their bodies and the way they think. Being a young adult comes with a lot of ups and downs and emotional feelings, so it can be tough to navigate certain situations. Everyone experiences sadness at certain points in their lives; however, when the sadness does not seem to pass, there can be a bigger issue at hand. Depression in young adults is very common, and it’s so important to recognize the symptoms of this mental health issue early on. Depression can occur at any age, and it can interfere with daily functioning. If your loved one is not participating in the things they love, or if they have no desire to be with their friends and family, depression may be present. This mental health disorder can easily be controlled and treated and the mental health experts at Banyan Mental Health explain how to treat depression in young adults.

What Are the Signs of Depression?

If your teenage child is experiencing any of these symptoms, they may be suffering from depression. Recognizing the signs early on is crucial.

  • Are your child’s grades dropping in school or are they skipping class? A lack of motivation to do well in school can contribute to depression.
  • Is your child constantly sad, and staying in bed longer than usual?
  • Is your child not showing interest in hanging out with their friends and no longer participating in activities that they once loved and enjoyed?
  • Are self-harm behaviors present?
  • Has your child shared suicidal thoughts with you, other family members, or teachers?

These are clear indications that your young adult needs help, and it’s important to catch this early on. Depression is treatable, and there is hope for your child to regain happiness.

Treating Depression in Teens

This mental health illness can be treated through a variety of therapy methods and medications. A customized depression treatment plan will be administered in a professional setting for all who struggle with depression. Psychotherapy helps individuals manage thoughts and feelings, as well as allow them to talk through their struggles with a therapist. Young adults will work with a mental health professional to learn the skills needed to manage their symptoms and learn how to work through struggling emotions. The treatment will take time; however, young adults will start to see results when they complete a mental health program for depression.

If your young adult is experiencing prolonged sadness, he or she is not alone. Depression treatment can help all who struggle to regain control and start to enjoy the activities they once loved. Contact Banyan Mental Health at 888-280-4763 to get started with a treatment plan.

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