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What is the Difference Between Bipolar 1 and Bipolar 2?

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What is the Difference Between Bipolar 1 and Bipolar 2?

Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition and a mood disorder that includes many subsets such as Bipolar 1, Bipolar 2, and Cyclothymic Disorder. The symptoms of each disease can vary, and individuals will experience manic and depressive stages with pronounced highs and lows. These emotional highs and lows can last for weeks or months at a time, and they differ from the normal peaks and valleys we face in life. Bipolar disorder can be treated after a proper diagnosis. You may be wondering what the difference is between Bipolar 1 and Bipolar 2, and we’re here to help. At Banyan Mental Health, we provide customized mental illness treatment for all who suffer from bipolar disorder.

What is Bipolar 1 Disorder?

Someone who is diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder experiences extreme mania episodes that may require hospitalization. The person must experience at least one manic episode and may or may not experience a depressive episode. The symptoms of the manic episode are severe. An individual who experiences a manic episode will deal with symptoms that include:

  • Extreme or abnormal euphoria
  • Trouble concentrating on one thing
  • Restlessness and irritability
  • Excessive energy
  • Increased self-esteem levels
  • Reckless behavior

What is Bipolar 2 Disorder?

Bipolar 2 disorder can be defined by a pattern of depressive episodes and hypomanic episodes. The difference with this diagnosis is that a full-blown manic episode does not occur. 1 This disorder can be sometimes mistaken for extreme depression, as the manic episodes are not as intense or even present. A depressive episode can last for months and can affect one’s ability to carry out daily activities.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Even the most severe cases of bipolar disorder can be treated so that individuals can better manage their symptoms. Effective bipolar disorder treatment includes a combination of medication and therapy methods. Because this mental illness is a life-long battle, it’s important to seek customized and long-term care.

If you feel that you experience periods of extreme mania or depression, you may be suffering from bipolar disorder. Contact Banyan Mental Health at 888-280-4763 for more information on how we can treat bipolar disorder.


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