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What is an Adjustment Disorder?

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What is an Adjustment Disorder?

If someone has an abnormal and extreme reaction to a major life event that persists over time, they may be dealing with a mental health disorder known as an adjustment disorder. This response from one stressor such as a divorce, death, or a big move can affect daily life and can come with many social impairments. The onset of an adjustment disorder can occur when a severe reaction to a major life event has completely taken over. Banyan Mental Health discusses the common adjustment disorder symptoms and ways to help people who suffer from this condition. We provide mental illness treatment that can help all individuals truly overcome this disease so that they can live a productive and healthy lifestyle.

Adjustment Disorder Symptoms

Someone who struggles with getting over past events may develop depression symptoms over time. If you are concerned that your loved one hasn’t properly coped with a life stressor or that their reaction was so severe, they may be dealing with a mental health disorder. The added stress one feels in this situation can cause significant problems in all aspects of life. Common adjustment disorder symptoms include:

  • Extreme anxiety and feeling worried all the time
  • Pulling away from friends and family
  • Not participating in usual activities that your loved one once enjoyed
  • Constantly feeling overwhelmed
  • Neglecting daily responsibilities at work or school
  • Sadness and feelings of depression
  • Suicidal thoughts are present

Mental Illness Treatment for Adjustment Disorders

It’s important to realize that you can help your loved one finally overcome their struggles and move past a traumatic experience. Mental illness treatment is available for those who suffer from an adjustment disorder. An extreme reaction to a recent change or transition should not be overlooked. Treatment will help this individual cope with the stress and allow them to get rid of the pain. At Banyan Mental Health, we provide adjustment disorder treatment at our mental health facility and we work one on one with each patient to determine the best plan for a successful outcome.

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