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Dark Phoenix’s Sophie Turner Talks About Therapy and Mental Health

Sophie Turner

Dark Phoenix’s Sophie Turner Talks About Therapy and Mental Health

Actress Sophie Turner has been very public about her mental health issues, not shying away from her past experience with anxiety and depression and how she has been able to manage it.

While mental health is more discussed on TV and online, it’s still something that is very much stigmatized, especially therapy.

What contributed to her depression were the comments that she was receiving online and was engaging in negative self-talk. She started to believe what was being said about her—that she was a bad actress or that she was fat. Turner couldn’t get out of the bed in the morning, or even leave the house and she had to learn to truly love herself. With the help of her husband, Joe Jonas, and therapy, she was able to work through it.

One of the biggest misconceptions about therapy is that only “crazy” people go. The 23-year-old actress says, “therapy is seen as a bit self-indulgent, a bit soft. But therapy and medication have helped me immeasurably.”

There is no shame in talking about your struggles and we’re so happy that Sophie is using her platform to erase the stigma. The less taboo something is, the more talked about it will be and the more people will be willing to discuss their issues and seek help. We all experience the ups and downs of life, but when it’s consuming you, that’s when you need to take action.

If you are struggling with mental health, know that it’s okay to ask for help. Here at Banyan Treatment Center, we can get you on the right path and guide you to a better tomorrow. Give us a call at 888-966-9413 to learn more!

Ilana Mekler
Ilana Mekler
Ilana was born in Valhalla, New York and lived the first 11 years of her life in New Rochelle, NY before relocating to Boca Raton, FL. While she’s not in recovery, being in the addiction field, currently, has opened her eyes and her mind to addiction and truly see why this field is so important. Ilana received her Bachelor’s degree in Communication studies from Florida Gulf Coast University and has a background in social media with experience in writing. As the social media specialist here at Banyan, she’s passionate about what she does because it allows her to experience what goes on behind the scenes in social media and being able to connect with others. Her favorite part of her job is knowing that in some way, she’s giving others the platform to reach out to get help for their own struggles.

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