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Coastal Living Linked with Better Mental Health

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The Benefits of Being a Beach Bum: Coastal Living Is Linked To Better Mental Health

Blue skies, warm weather, and beach days. While much of the country prepares for the winter ahead, at Pompano Beach, we have the luxury of warmer weather almost all year round and the beach in our backyard.

While these beach areas have been nicknamed paradise, there could now be scientific evidence to support these claims.

Living Closer to the Coast Has Mental Health Benefits

While many people have long enjoyed the benefits of living in more tropical environments, new research may have proven this point. A study done in England found that coastal living is linked to better mental health, especially for those in the lowest-earning household. Money may not be able to buy happiness but living near the coast could help.

The University of Exeter surveyed almost 26,000 people living throughout England in one of the most comprehensive studies ever done on the topic. The results showed that those of lower socioeconomic class who lived within one kilometer of the coast had a 40% lower risk of experiencing poor mental health symptoms than those who lived more than 50 kilometers away.1

Like much of the world, mental health issues are a big problem in England. One survey found that 1 in 6 people experienced symptoms of a common mental disorder in England within the past week alone.2 Also, there is a common trend worldwide that people of lower socioeconomic status are more likely to develop or experience mental health issues.3 According to this new study, living closer to the coastline could help close this gap.

What This Means For the Sunshine State

As providers of mental health treatment in Pompano, this study offers new questions about mental health. Being that Florida has plenty of coastlines, is this trend holding true in our state too?

We do know that the environment can play a large factor in mental health and that spending time in “green spaces” can improve both physical and mental health.4 Although being outdoors, in general, can be beneficial, there is still little research on the connection between living near the coast specifically and mental health, but the survey from the University of Exeter is making way for more studies and surveys like it. Could living near the coastline result in decreased substance abuse problems as well?  Can living closer to the coast lower your need for professional help for a co-occurring disorder? More research on whether coastal living is linked to better mental health could mean good news for our Florida neighbors.

At Banyan Mental Health, we know that poor mental health is a result of many factors. Even with the beach in your backyard, it does not mean that you are exempt from any problems. If you or a loved one is struggling, our mental health PHP in Pompano could be just what you need.

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