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Helpful Tips for Maintaining Mental Health During the Holidays

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Helpful Tips for Maintaining Mental Health During the Holidays

While it may be nicknamed “the most wonderful time of the year,” the holidays are not enjoyable for everyone.

Along with delicious feasts, presents, and loving family times can come the stress, financial struggles, and family conflicts. For many people, the end of the year can put a serious strain on their mental health.

Mental Health During the Holidays

The end of the year may be filled with a lot of excitement, but at Banyan Mental Health, we know all too well that the holidays can cause people stress, anxiety, and depression. A study from the National Alliance on Mental Illness found that 64% of people with mental illness reported worse symptoms during the holiday season.1 So while some people may be feeling cheerful and festive, many others may be lonely and struggling to get by. For those people who consistently battle with mental health problems, it is important to explore professional mental health treatment methods before the holidays begin and their problems only get worse.

Good Mental Health Tips for the Holidays

Whether your poor mental health is just a result of temporary trials that come with the season or your struggle seems to be getting worse this time of year, we have a few tips on better mental health during the holidays.

  1. Don’t overschedule. While the holidays are filled with events and commitments, you do not need to attend everything you are invited to. If baking 100 cookies for the neighborhood cookie exchange, singing Christmas carols with your Church Group and making three different kinds of mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving are stressing you out, take a step back. A packed schedule is an easy trigger for poor mental health. Instead, pick and choose the events that make you the happiest.
  1. Manage your expectations. The holidays are never as picturesque as they are made out to be, so don’t anticipate everything to be perfect. Life is a little messy, so expect these hiccups. When something does go wrong or not as planned, you will not be as affected and can move forward.
  1. Keep a healthy routine. The holidays may be a special time of year, but throwing away good habits can lead to big problems. Try to exercise regularly, avoid too many sweets, and get to bed early. When you physically feel bad, your mental health is bound to follow. All too often, when people are feeling down during the holidays, they will also turn to drugs or alcohol to cope. Before they know it, these bad habits can spiral out of control, and they now need treatment for a co-occurring disorder instead of just help for their mental health.
  1. Take time for yourself. When you are starting to feel overwhelmed or down, it is important to take a time out and recuperate. Take a bath, listen to calm music, or go for a walk. This relaxing time alone can help you collect your thoughts and keep your mental health in check.
  1. Seek professional treatment. When your problems seem to become too overwhelming to handle or you may even start to have suicidal thoughts, it is important to recognize that you need professional help immediately. Programs like our Boca mental health PHP can provide you with structure to address these issues while still enjoying some of the holiday season.

The end of the year may not be merry and bright for everyone, but with our help, your mental health during the holidays doesn’t have to be so blue.

If you or someone you know is battling a mental health disorder, get treatment now rather than later. Call us today at 888-280-4763 to get started.


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