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Is Mental Health Covered by Insurance?

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Is Mental Health Covered by Insurance?

When most people think of health insurance, they often think about insurance for physical ailments such as a broken leg or a doctor’s visit for the flu.

Most people also know of separate insurance for dental care or visits to the eye doctor as well. While most health insurance will cover these problems or part of their costs, many people neglect to think about coverage outside of their physical health.

Mental health is just as important as a person’s physical health. Mental health disorders can be debilitating and interfere with some people’s everyday lives. Poor mental health can also lead to serious physical health problems as well. Although mental health is so important, the guidelines surrounding mental health insurance are more unclear.

Mental Health Insurance Coverage

Many people will neglect to go to a mental health facility for treatment because they assume that it will not be covered by their insurance company. They spend their lives trying to deal with their poor mental health on their own. In actuality, mental health is covered by insurance plans and companies in varying degrees.

As of right now, mental health services are considered essential health benefits by all marketplace plans. This classification means that these plans must cover behavioral health treatment and inpatient mental health services.1 This mental health coverage includes pre-existing mental health disorders as well, so marketplace plans are not allowed to deny you coverage for this reason. While employer-sponsored group insurance plans are more variable, many do cover mental health services to some degree, but the exact coverage will depend on the plan. Specifically, companies with 50 or more employees must cover mental health services.2 Medicaid and Medicare also cover a range of mental health services. Because coverage can be different, it is important to reach out to your insurance company to see if mental health is covered by your insurance plan and what services specifically qualify.

Substance abuse disorders are also considered an essential health benefit. Because mental health problems and substance abuse disorders often go hand in hand, many people who need help for their poor mental health may also require help for a drug or alcohol addiction. For these people, a dual diagnosis rehab may be the best option, and their insurance may help cover this treatment depending on their plan.

You should check to see if mental health is covered by your insurance plan, and if not, you may want to consider options for adding this coverage. Our mood treatment center can help you find out your insurance coverage as well. We do free insurance verification to see if you are covered for our services.

Whether you want help for yourself or you have a loved one in need, reach out to us today. At Banyan Mental Health, we want to help you or your loved one move past their mental health and behavioral health problems to lead happier and healthier lives.

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