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Addiction Aftercare Programs in South Florida

Mental Health Aftercare Program

Patient support continues well after discharge from any one of our customized mental health care treatment programs. At Banyan Mental Health, our team of licensed professionals help develop stable aftercare plans for each patient. This enables patients to continue receiving care as they transition back to everyday life, following the completion of mental health treatment. Aftercare plans may include safe housing arrangements, community support groups, and continued outpatient treatment with a provider who specializes in a patient’s individual diagnosis. Banyan works with more than 1,000 providers nationwide, ensuring proper placement for each patient upon discharge from our mental health facility. We understand that continuing patient support after treatment is crucial for an individual’s recovery journey from mental health. Just because treatment ends, does not mean that we stop offering our support and guidance here at our Banyan Mental Health Program.

The Importance of an Aftercare Program

During mental health treatment, patients learn the tools needed to handle challenging situations that may bring about symptoms. Without a solid aftercare plan in place, these individuals won’t know how to apply what they have learned in treatment for a successful outcome. Returning to daily life after any residential care can be intimidating and scary. People may worry that they are not fully equipped to manage their mental health symptoms or that they will turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms like they did in the past.

By continuing to work on yourself and your mental health, you are setting yourself up for success. The aftercare program at Banyan helps individuals stay connected in the recovery community. We make sure that former patients have a plan in place for attending regular therapy sessions and support groups. If you don’t make your mental health a priority, your symptoms can start to take over. The early stages of recovery are typically the most fragile and you must develop a plan of action to combat the difficult times.

Customized Mental Health Treatment in Boca

Each one of our patients will be given an aftercare plan when they successfully complete any of our treatment programs. At our mental health facility in Boca, we provide a residential mental health program as well as a partial hospitalization program. Every patient will receive a full health assessment from our licensed mental health professionals before determining the proper level of care and treatment method needed. During treatment, patients will be provided with constant care and support throughout their stay and we work with them to ensure their needs are met. Our mental health care is truly customized for each individual and we pride ourselves on providing the best care possible!

Once you complete a Banyan treatment program, you become a part of the Banyan recovery family forever. If you or your loved one is suffering from any mental illness such as depression or anxiety, we are here to help ignite the recovery journey. Call us today to learn how you can completely take control over mental health so that you can live a happy life.