LGBTQ Mental Health Services in South Florida

Mental Health Services for LGBTQ Patients

Members of the LGBTQ community face many challenges that other people do not understand. From discrimination and prejudices to stereotyping and even disownment, these challenges can take a serious toll on a person’s mental state.

Prevalence of LGBTQ Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues can plague anyone, but because of the added challenges and discrimination that members of the LGTBQ community can face, they often struggle with mental illness. Without the right LGBTQ mental health services, the consequences could be devastating. In fact, members of the LGBTQ community have higher rates of mental illness, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, and addiction than their heterosexual counterparts.1

If you are struggling with any of these mental health issues, you need LGBTQ mental health resources and services that you can trust.

Our South Florida LGBTQ Mental Health Services

It can be hard to find LGBTQ mental health help that recognizes all your needs and understands the challenges that the LGBTQ community faces. At Banyan Mental Health, we offer an accepting environment free from judgment that is conducive to your recovery.

In order to best help you, we offer a variety of mental health treatment methods in Boca for comprehensive healing. Not only will you partake in programs like cognitive behavioral therapy or reality therapy, but you will also participate in one-on-one therapy with a trained expert. Our doctors, therapists, nurses, and other treatment professionals are trained to handle any special needs that come with being a part of the LGBTQ community. In addition, when possible, we will pair you with a member of our staff who is a part of the LGBTQ community.

Gay-Friendly Mental Health Housing Options

When it comes to residential mental health treatment, a big concern for many members of the LGTBQ community is housing. Transgender patients, in particular, may worry about where they will be placed. In order to make our patients as relaxed as possible, we offer safe housing options. Patients can be housed based on their presented gender in order to make them feel as safe as possible during their recovery. You have enough to worry about; you should not have to be concerned with an uncomfortable living situation as well.

LGBTQ Mental Health and Addiction Help

Because of the higher rates of mental illness in the LGBTQ community, many people in this group will also turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with their pain. Others will use these substances as a means of escape from their unhappiness. When the occasional use turns into an addiction, there is a big problem. Not every gay and lesbian center for mental health will be able to properly address a substance abuse problem. Our dual diagnosis treatment in Boca will work with you to tackle both issues at once. Not only will you receive the same LGBTQ mental health services, but you will also undergo addiction treatment. Together, you will be able to move forward with your life, happier and free from drugs.

If you are looking for a safe and accepting place for mental health treatment in South Florida, let us help you. At Banyan Mental Health, we welcome people of all different ethnicities, religions, backgrounds, and sexual orientations. Reach out to us and get started on your journey to a better life.