Family Therapy at Banyan Mental Health

At our mental illness treatment center in Boca, we understand that mental illness and co-occurring disorders are conditions that not only affect the individual, but their friends and families as well. Watching a spouse, friend, or family member struggle with a mental disorder or co-occurring disorder can be devastating. A person’s character and behavior with their loved ones can change significantly when these problems are present. We know that these conditions can cause a variety of issues within a home and can break down even the strongest of families. We offer family therapy at Banyan Mental Health to help the loved ones of individuals with mental illness or co-occurring disorders. While the person undergoes their treatment, families can receive additional guidance and care from us.

How Our Family Therapy Works

Because mental illness affects all parties involved, developing a strong support system that will actively partake in therapy sessions during recovery is crucial. Our specialized therapists meet with family members of patients to ensure that everyone involved is on the same page when it comes to mental health treatment. During our family therapy program sessions, therapists and families will review the individual’s treatment plan as well as their progress. They’ll also discuss how each member has been coping with their loved one’s mental illness and recovery.

Talking about mental health is important to help both the individual and their loved ones. A priority of our family support program is to offer support that our patients’ friends and spouses often need. Attempting to cope with the stress of having a loved one in rehab can be overwhelming. It’s easy to burn yourself out when you’re trying to hold your frustrations, concerns, and pain in. Our family program offers clients’ loved ones the opportunity to share their struggles and develop healthy coping mechanisms. The overall goal of this program is to promote healing between families, spouses, and their loved ones.

During therapy sessions, each member will have the opportunity to speak openly about their concerns and issues related to the individual’s condition. Our staff members guide our patients, family members, and spouses through every step of our family assistance program to ensure they all get the most out of treatment possible.

Our family therapy techniques address different aspects, including:

  • Identifying source of stress and triggers that cause pain
  • Respecting the needs of each member
  • Creating healthy boundaries to sustain a healthy family dynamic
  • Identifying ways to positively interact through healthy behaviors
  • Building communication skills within the family unit or between spouses
  • Understanding the role of each individual
  • Learning to respect each individual’s boundaries


Both family therapy and couples therapy are often incorporated into mental health treatment plans and have proven beneficial for individuals receiving treatment and their loved ones. This form of therapy consists of several therapeutic approaches that utilize the individual’s and their loved ones’ strengths to guide them to a healthier dynamic. Not only do we treat mental illness at Banyan Mental Health, but we also work to mend relationships that have been affected by these conditions.

Choose Our Therapy For Family Members Of The Mentally Ill

Patients’ loved ones will partake in our family wellness program while the individual is receiving treatment in one of our Banyan mental health programs. In a relationship or family involving someone with a mental disorder, disruptions are common. Each person in a family affects the other and also leans on each other for support. When one person from this group is battling something difficult, it can affect everyone involved. Not only do we offer various forms of mental health treatment in Boca, but we also offer support for those who love these individuals and want to see them succeed.

If you’re loved one is receiving mental health care or struggling with a mental disorder, let us help you. Contact us now to learn more about our residential mental health program and our family services.