Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Although solution-focused brief therapy acknowledges present problems and past causes, it predominantly explores an individual's current resources and future hopes, helping them to look forward and use their own strengths to achieve their goals. This is an approach to psychotherapy based on solution building rather than problem solving. Banyan Mental Health utilizes many different forms of therapy approaches, and each patient requires their own treatment path that can ensure long-term success. This therapy method has been proven effective for many of our patients. No matter which mental illness you suffer from, this therapy method can help guide you through recovery and build a strong foundation for long-term success.

As its name suggests, solution-focused brief therapy is considered a time-limited approach. However, the technique is often incorporated into other long-term therapy types and the positive effects can be long-lasting. It was developed in America in the 1980s by husband and wife team Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg, along with their team at the Brief Family Center. Together they founded the therapy on seven basic philosophies and assumptions.

These Philosophies are:

  • Change is both constant and certain.
  • Emphasis on what is changeable and possible.
  • Patients must want to change.
  • Patients are the experts and outline their own goals.
  • Patients have resources and their own strengths to solve and overcome their problems.
  • Therapy is short-term.
  • Focus on the future and history is not essential.

These concepts are key building blocks in the formation of the solution-focused approach. When we create our own goals in mental health treatment, we can focus on the progress and truly grow through recovery. The versatility of the approach extends to the variety of issues it can help with. These include communication difficulties, stress and anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, behavioral problems, eating disorders, and relationship difficulties to name a few. Once treatment is completed, individuals have the necessary tools to solve future problems that will arise on a daily basis.

The transition into everyday life after treatment can be intimidating, however the treatment experts at Banyan Mental Health guide you every step of the way to ensure long-term recovery. Solution-focused brief therapy teaches patients how to identify and utilize the behaviors needed to change unhealthy patterns. During treatment, a therapist works with the individual to help them envision their solution and visualize the change that is needed.

By dwelling on past mistakes, patients are not able to clearly move forward and work on their recovery efforts. You learn that change is possible as well as how to strengthen close relationships outside of treatment. If you or a loved one is suffering from any mental illness, this does not define you, and you can get the treatment you deserve. For more information on the different treatment methods we use at Banyan Mental Health, contact us today. We can help you live a healthy lifestyle in recovery.