Meet our Staff

The Banyan Mental Health Team are highly qualified to treat a variety of mental health issues, with a focus on addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Susan Lichtfuss, LCPC

Primary Therapist, Banyan Mental Health Residential Program

Susan brings over twenty years of experience to the Banyan Mental Health team. She has worked in Residential, Partial Hospitalization and Outpatient settings, treating both primary mental health and co-occurring disorders. A former Program Manager for a Mobile Crisis Team and Chair of the Mental Health and Addictions Advisory Council in Maryland, Sue has been heavily involved in behavioral healthcare systems throughout her career. She participated in the State Behavioral Health Advisory Council, where she reported directly to the governor of Maryland. Now located in South Florida, Banyan Mental Health is proud to have Sue on the team as a Primary Therapist at our Residential Mental Health Program in Boca Raton, Florida.

Jeff Rocker, RMFTI, RMHCI

Primary Therapist, Banyan Mental Health Residential Program

Jeff is an experienced therapist who specializes in marriage and family counseling. He has worked with individuals from as young as three years old to those in late adulthood. Since 2006, he has helped many families obtain safe and stable environments, working in various Child Welfare positions. He has treated clients that face substance abuse challenges, using the 12 Step process and stages of change to overcome both addiction and mental health issues. Over the years, Jeff has organized lectures and various community events, including excursions and retreats for couples to improve communication and gain a better understanding of one another. Jeff has experience working with professional athletes and people in the entertainment industries. He is currently completing his Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy at NSU and holds a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling.

Patrice Huntley, LCSW, RPT

Lead Therapist, Banyan Mental Health Residential Program

With extensive experience in the fields of both mental health and substance use disorder treatment, Patrice has now joined the Banyan Mental Health team at our Residential Program in Boca Raton, Florida. After receiving a Master of Social Work degree from Florida International University, Patrice went on to work in numerous well-respected programs throughout the state. These include serving as the Director of Health Services at a Palm Beach County HIV/AIDS Services Program, where she worked to promote access to mental health resources, and provide crisis, individual, and group counseling in both private practice and acute-care settings. She has conducted biomedical research with The National Institutes of Health/National Institute on Drug Abuse, and is passionate about erasing the stigma associated with mental health disorders.

Danielle Cozza

Case Manager, Banyan Mental Health Residential Program

Danielle was born and raised in Rye, New York. Her own personal battles with addiction and desire for a better life brought her to South Florida. After being given a second chance at life, Danielle wanted to give back that which was so freely given to her. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from the State University of New York at Purchase. She began working in the treatment field in 2015, working as a case manager and also as a Behavioral Health Technician. Danielle joined Banyan in 2017 working as a behavioral health technician, and upon the opening of Banyan’s Residential Mental Health Program, Danielle moved on to the position of Mental Health Case Manager.

Rebecca Siwanowicz, MSW, RCSWI

Lead Therapist, Banyan Mental Health Partial Hospitalization Program

Rebecca started her career as a Behavioral Health Technician in the mental health field while perusing her MSW at Florida Atlantic University. She is currently registered and pursuing licensure, along with an MCAP certification. Rebecca has extensive experience and knowledge pertaining to both the mental health and substance abuse field, and has maintained several positions which have led to up her recent position as Lead Therapist in Banyan’s Mental Health Partial Hospitalization Program. Rebecca understands the importance of community and empowering patients to develop leadership skills, independence and decision making skills. She has a strong passion for the code of ethics and believes that quality patient care is directly related to the level of integrity and transparency practiced by the clinician.

Maria Gliemann, MSW, RCSWI

Primary Therapist, Banyan Mental Health Partial Hospitalization Program

Originally from New York, Maria began working in the field of social services through various positions in Residential treatment facilities. She relocated to South Florida after obtaining her BA in Sociology from Hunter College, where she then obtained an MSW from Florida Atlantic University. Post grad, Maria began providing services to adults struggling with addiction and severe mental illness in the non-profit sector. Maria is passionate about eliminating the stigma associated with mental health disorders and believes in working from a client-centered approach.

Andrew Kaplan, LMFT, MHC

Primary Therapist, Banyan Mental Health Partial Hospitalization Program

Andrew is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with more than twelve years of experience, having graduated from Barry University with a dual Master’s Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling. He has experience treating patients struggling with both mental health and substance use disorders, and is a Board Certified Qualified Supervisor for Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Interns as well as Registered Mental Health Counselor Interns. Andrew utilizes several clinical approaches when treating patients, including psychodynamic therapy, motivational interviewing, narrative and solution focus therapies and cognitive behavioral therapy. He has experience treating those struggling with trauma issues, and plans to become a Certified Trauma Therapist.