When someone experiences a traumatic event, the residual effects can stay with that person for many years. These troubling thoughts can morph into something even more destructive if not properly addressed. That is why our team of mental health professionals implores anyone struggling with PTSD and addiction to seek the proper treatment services for their situation. Read on to learn more about how our Florida mental health rehab can do just that.

Which Came First?

Whether a person’s PTSD or addiction came first will always depend on the unique experiences of the individual in question. Addiction and trauma often go hand in hand but may not always happen in the same order. For instance, one individual may have gone through some kind of traumatic event, resulting in their use of drugs or alcohol to cope. Others may have begun by abusing these substances, which can lead to their own traumatic experiences that only exacerbate the addiction in question.

Examples of traumatic events can include:

  • Physical or sexual assault
  • Experiencing a natural disaster
  • Bodily Injury
  • Living through military combat
  • Being faced with terrorism
  • The illness or death of a loved one

Developing PTSD from abuse, injury, or some other form of trauma can be debilitating, so much so that many people elect to use mind-altering substances to get through the day. Once addiction and PTSD have developed, breaking away from them can be impossible. This is why Banyan offers residential mental health treatment options that can help these individuals turn their lives around for the better.

The Importance of Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

If a person is dealing with a dual diagnosis like PTSD and addiction, they must receive the proper care to learn how to handle triggers. Otherwise, they continue to run the risk of relapse and even retraumatizing themselves. This leaves many people feeling trapped in a current of substance abuse and mental illness.

Both issues need to be addressed for proper healing and recovery to occur. Luckily, our team of professionals is proud to offer a variety of mental illness treatments and therapies that aid patients in confronting what troubles them. They will have the chance to delve deeper into their past experiences while in a safe space, ensuring that they are free of judgment and gaining guidance from a mental health professional.

We are also proud to offer several ancillary programs that allow our clients to relax, engage, and make the most of their time at our facility. From yoga to art and music to equine therapy, patients can make the most of their recovery experience. You do not have to continue to be held captive by addiction and PTSD. With the right support, you can take the steps necessary to make a successful recovery and steer your life in the right direction.

To learn more about addiction and mental health care options in Boca Raton, contact Banyan and speak with an intake specialist today.

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