The Truth About Thought Disorders

People who suffer from mental health disorders often struggle to lead a normal and happy life. Thought disorders can be especially disruptive to not only the person suffering from this disorder but their loved ones who must watch them struggle with the disorder as well.

At Banyan Mental Health in Boca Raton, we offer various levels of care and mental health treatment to help our patients move past their mental health disorders as well as their addiction problems.

What Is a Thought Disorder?

A thought disorder or formal thought disorder is categorized by the inability to complete coherent thoughts or ideas. People who suffer from this disorder have a difficult time organizing their thought patterns and it shows with usually very noticeable deficiencies in their speaking and writing abilities. Sometimes these deficiencies are so severe that the person becomes incomprehensible. Most thought disorders have a later onset in adulthood, but sometimes these symptoms can appear as early as the age of five. 1

Thought disorders can affect a person’s thought patterns in various ways. Some of the most common thought disorder examples include:

  • Flight of ideas – jumping from one idea to another unrelated one
  • Word salad – incoherent sentences that do not make sense together
  • Circumstantiality – superfluous language that skirts around the point2

A thought disorder can often be a symptom of another mental health disorder and create a psychotic break from reality. They can present themselves in people who suffer from bipolar mania or psychosis, but it is most common in people who also suffer from schizophrenia. If you know someone who is suffering from these symptoms or other mental health disorder, they should get immediate help like with our mental illness treatment in Boca.

Thought Disorders & Effective Treatment

You do not need to try and overcome your thought disorder alone or watch your loved one learn to just live with its overpowering grasp. At our mental health facility, we can help you decrease the handle that a thought disorder has on your life or the life of your loved one.

Because thought disorders can affect people differently and are symptoms of various other mental health disorders, you need a program that is tailored to your specific needs. With our individualized treatment plans, we work to provide our patients will all of the tools necessary to move forward happily with their lives. The first step will be to determine which type of thought disorder treatment is best for you. As part of our mental illness treatment, we offer a residential mental health program, mental health PHP, and an aftercare program. These programs will include various treatment methods and unique therapies including motivation interviewing, reality therapy, pet therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. By the time you leave our facility, we want you to confidently return to your normal life with a renewed sense of self and hope for a brighter future.

If you or a loved one is in need of mental health care or dual diagnosis treatment in Boca Raton, let us help. You are more than your thought disorder. Start your journey forward today with us.