Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Our mental health professionals at Banyan Mental Health can treat a variety of mental health illnesses and our customized programming is tailored to meet the needs of each patient. Known as affective disorders, mood and anxiety disorders are some of the most common disorders our patients face. Mania, hypomania, and depressed mood are common expressions of mood and anxiety disorders. Bipolar disorder, depression, and major depression are all mood disorders. Managing the highs and lows of these disorders can be exhausting and overwhelming for anyone. Some mood and anxiety disorders can also be caused by, or cause, substance abuse disorders as well. Our mental health treatment center in Boca Raton can treat these and many other disorders.

What is a Mood Disorder?

Mood disorders are characterized as an extreme shift in mood and these disorders can be debilitating for anyone, getting in the way of daily life. This can involve feeling very sad and depressed as well as losing interest in things that once meant a lot to you. There could be times where someone with a mood disorder feels extreme happiness at one point and then extreme sadness right after.

Mood disorders can be treated with individualized care and there are certain therapy approaches that help people effectively manage their symptoms. Cognitive behavioral therapy and reality therapy are two examples of the type of treatment one can expect when they are treating a mood disorder. With therapy, individuals can learn how to change negative thought patterns. Negative thoughts and feelings can become controlling, causing an individual to lash out or even self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. There is a chance that someone could be experiencing substance abuse on top of a mood disorder and in this case, co-occurring disorder treatment is vital.

Anxiety Disorders and Effective Treatment

Feelings of anxiousness and nervousness are very normal. However, when they become extreme and cause you to experience frequent panic attacks, this can be a larger issue. Anxiety disorders cause people to avoid situations because they have a fear of what will happen. Panic and worry can hinder someone’s ability to perform daily functions and anxiety disorders can take over all aspects of life. Muscle tension and rapid heart rate are examples of anxiety symptoms and it’s important to understand that this disorder can be treated. People with extreme anxiety can undergo treatment that will help them manage their symptoms and live a normal and healthy lifestyle. Seeking help for your anxiety disorder will allow you to break free from the cycle of constant fear.

Mental health treatment for anxiety includes therapy sessions that help people cope with stress and manage how they are feeling. A mental health treatment center will properly diagnose an individual and develop an individualized treatment plan that will effectively guide someone into recovery.

If you are experiencing extreme anxiety or if you have constant mood changes, you can get help to overcome these mental health struggles. Our mental health treatment center in Boca Raton provides customized mental health care for all who suffer. Contact our facility to learn more about how we can help.

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