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April 5, 2019
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May is Mental Health Month
April 23, 2019
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Britney Spears and Mental Health

In 2007, Britney Spears was photographed shaving her head and tabloids feasted on images of the Pop Princess’ mental health meltdown.

12 years later, the star has regained her shine and even completed a Vegas residency. But in early 2019, she checked herself into a mental health facility. We explore why the star is seeking mental health treatment and how the response to her recent mental health struggles has changed compared to the early 2000s.

How Perceptions of Mental Health Have Changed

When Britney Spears shaved her head in February 2007, she seemed to do so in motivation for others to simply leave her alone. As the podcast, “What Really Happened” explained in their piece on Spears, the star had grown up with immense pressures to maintain a specific image, and many of the people in her close circle at the time did not have her best interests at heart. At the time, celebrities did not have social media to tell their side of any story, and thus, the hungry tabloids could run rampant with heartless reports about a woman in peril, shaping pubic opinion against her. [1]

Today, in 2019, the story is a very different one. Spears is struggling with mental health again, but the public’s perception and response differs immensely. Her early April post features an image that reads “Fall in love with taking care of yourself mind, body, spirit.” The image is flooded with tens of thousands of comments, the bulk of these comments containing supportive words for the star. [2]

Though social media receives a considerable amount of flack, it has helped reduce the stigmatization of mental health disorders. Rather than being ashamed, people are realizing that it is very normal to experience and seek help for conditions such as a mental health or thought disorder.

Britney Spears and Mental Health

The Pop Princess has experienced challenges with her mental health in the past, and her 2007 challenges lead to her father and lawyer gaining conservatorship over the star in 2008. Conservators have the authority to mange affairs for those who cannot take care of themselves. [3] Britney Spears’ father has been her conservator alongside her lawyer since her infamous struggles, and they have been managing her affairs for her. This includes detailed record-keeping of every financial decision the star makes for court documentation of the details of the conservatorship. They have control over major business deals, and even frivolous purchases like when Spears wants to buy a cup of coffee. [4]

So why has this conservatorship lasted so long? As “What Really Happened” explains, revoking a conservatorship is nearly impossible. [1] It has been reported that the star’s lawyer has sought to end his conservatorship control in early March, leaving her father with sole conservatorship. [5] But with the recent decline of her father’s health, Spears has checked into a facility for mental health treatment.

There are many theories around what mental health disorders the star struggles with. There are many mood and anxiety disorders that can cause extreme behavioral changes and even personality changes. Still, properly diagnosing her mental health needs is impossible without a proper in-person evaluation.

Getting Help for Mental Health Disorders

If you are struggling with your mental health, getting help is the best thing you can do for yourself. We offer effective treatment and support for mental health disorders. This includes mental health PHP and IOP.

Call 888-966-9413 to learn more about our supportive programs.


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