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Avicii’s Father on Mental Health & Suicide Prevention


Avicii’s Father, Kas Bergling, Discusses Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

Known professionally as Avicii, Tim Bergling was a big-name DJ and songwriter who was considered to be the most successful DJ in the industry.

He found fame with his hit song, “Wake Me Up”. In 2016, Avicii made an announcement that he was taking a break from touring and was open about his struggles with addiction and depression. Unfortunately, in April of 2018, Avicii died by suicide. Now, a little over a year later, his father Kas Bergling, is pushing for Swedish politicians to “address mental health problems before it becomes too late.” Bergling says that his son was happy, but “if you are very happy or extremely happy, it’s not so far to be unhappy.” He goes on to say that Avicii wasn’t feeling good when he was on the stage and eventually the small things started to add up and he thinks that’s what led to his death.

Avicii’s Posthumous Album

Avicii’s posthumous album, TIM, was released in June. One of the songs on the album, “SOS,” talks about stress, addiction, and lack of sleep. The song seems to dig deeper into Avicii’s suicide or its potential causes. Though we’ll never know the full extent of the DJ’s mental health struggles, mental health treatment can help anyone who is facing depression or thoughts of suicide.

Avicii’s Mental Health Struggles

Success, fame, and money do not always equate to happiness. Avicii’s mental health challenges show that anyone can struggle with mental health challenges. But, suicide is never the answer. Treatment and support can help anyone who is willing. There are suicide prevention hotlines that can help if you are currently having thoughts of suicide, and we encourage you to make the call for help. We also offer mental health treatment programs to help address the underlying factors of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and dual diagnosis disorders like substance abuse and mental health problems. We hope that the Swedish policymakers will listen to Bergling and make a necessary change in the perception and treatment of mental health disorders. Many countries are trying to sweep mental illnesses under the rug, but the stigmatization and ostracization of mental illness prevents those in need from getting crucial help for recovery. Mental health must be a priority for all communities and change all starts with a conversation. Mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, PTSD, alcoholism, and substance abuse are not taboo. They are challenges that can be treated with supportive care, and this support starts with communities doing more to help those in need of support.

If you are struggling with mental health issues, know that there is help available. Our team at Banyan Mental Health can help get you on the right path and guide you to a better tomorrow. Please call 888-966-9413.

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Ilana Mekler
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